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Chapter 4 Page 16

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Idiosyncrasy: (noun) A mode of behavior or way of thought particular to an individual. Ashton Rose is a poor girl who manages to get into the school of her dreams. But her roommate is a bit... eccentric. So, Ashton is stuck with a rude, perverted mess of a human being, and she can't do anything about it! What's a girl to do? Will she learn to get along in her new school, or will the tension be too much to handle?!


Character Profiles Updated

Just wanted to let you know that the character profiles are updated a bit. Ashton's profile has a picture now, and is revamped a bit to fit her personality better. I've also fixed Ashton's name wherever it was spelled "Ashten" or some other variation. Her name is officially "Ashton" now, since that's proper spelling and I like it better. I may go back in the pages wherever her name is used and fix the spelling errors (and fix a few other spelling errors), but that all depends on how I feel about doing that.

Skyler also has stuff in his profile now, but doesn't have a picture yet. His picture just has to be colored now, but at least I've got his personality and biography up.

The two new characters that are introduced in chapter four will get a spot on the page when they're introduced in the comic.

Pertaining to updating the comic, I'll try to update at least once a week. If not with a page, then a filler, since I've got plenty of drawings of the characters. I'm sort of a bum, though, so... Yeah.

EDIT: Skyler has a picture up now.

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There's nothing that I really wanted to say. I just wanted a new news post.

Thanks to some of my friends on another forum, I've been updating more frequently. I wanted to just say how much I appreciate that. Their support is really helpful to me. ^_^ You guys know who you are!

And hey, feel free to *cough*makefanart*cough* if you want to. I would love to see some. Or even image edits! Those are cute, too. ;D

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Happy turkey day! ^_^ I hope you had a good one!

posted by Orphie @ Thursday, November 27, 2008 09:02 PM  -  0 comments

Layout Change

I've decided that I'm going to change the layout to something different, mainly because I hate the layouts that show the current page in full size.

Why? Because whenever I read comics, I don't like to see what's on the current page. I hate reading ahead. :P So, I'm going to change the layout, and maybe I'll change banners and stuff too. I never really put a lot of effort into the layout and stuff. Oh well.

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Eh, sorry I haven't updated recently. But what with the end of school and all, and then Mother's Day showed up. But I've got good news! I've got the first chapter inked already (it's actually been inked for a couple days). I just have to erase the lines, shove the pictures on to the computer, put words in the text bubbles, and upload them. ~o~;

Oh well. In other news... Um... I've actually got nothing. I'll probably try to do some pictures for the characters page. And I need to learn HTML again. Does anybody know that stuff well enough to give me some pointers? ^^;

posted by Orphie @ Monday, May 12, 2008 05:39 PM  -  1 comments

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