Photobucket Name: Ashton Rose
Birthday: August 8
Bio: Ashton was accepted to Apollo High on a scholarship, seeing as her family is not well off. She lives with her mother and dog. Ashton is a bit cynical and quick to catch on to contradictions, but is good at keeping secrets. Ashton can be pushy and controlling, but her intentions are good. She's an expert at video games and musically inclined. She enjoys playing piano, guitar, and saxophone, and takes singing lessons on top of that. Ashton is somewhat artistically talented, but spends most of her time reading comics and looking at art rather than doing art. Most sports she is horribly awful at, except for swimming, which she loves. Ashton also has an affinity for animals. She can care less for fashion and looking nice, but when it's required of her, she'll dress up nicely. Preppy girls get on her nerves, and junk food makes Ashton sick. Math and ceramics are her worst subject.
Fun facts:
-Most of Ashton's casual clothes have some sort of retro video game reference.
-She absolutely hates being called Ash, but somehow people started to get away with that nickname ever since she came to Apollo.
-She hates carrots.
-There's going to be more coming here soon... I think.
Photobucket Name: Skyler Braveman
Birthday: February 14
Bio: Skyler comes from a filthy rich family who can afford the high tuition at Apollo High. Because of his desire to attend Apollo, he switched places with his sister after not being accepted into the school. Surprisingly, no one has figured out he's actually a boy living under his sister's name, and he isn't worried about any of the technical details that comes with switching places with his sister, possibly because he has enough money to have someone else take care of it. Skyler is a bit of a crybaby and jumps to imaginative conclusions when confronted. He doesn't put up much of a fight or stand up for himself much, making it easy for people to push him around or get him to reveal things that he would otherwise like to keep secret. He is blunt and can be insensitive, but he doesn't mean to be. He enjoys cooking and most visual arts, and is secretly an avid writer. To keep his gender a secret, he has somehow been able to get out of many gym activities, but still manages to keep himself active. He isn't really good or really bad at any particular subject.
Fun Facts:
-Skyler is allergic to bees, and, therefore, is insanely fearful of them.
-He doesn't like corn, apricots, or raisins.
-He loves Brussels sprouts.
Photobucket Name: Suzanne (Suzi)
Birthday: June 5
Bio: Suzi is from an upper middle class family who sent their daughter to Apollo to better herself, and to give them a better social standing, even if they have to cut back on some spending. Suzi has a wild imagination and is highly expressive, wearing her heart on her sleeve. She is a romantic, and jumps to conclusions a lot when it comes to romance. Her best friend is Jessica. Suzi enjoys painting, ceramics, and chemistry, as they're all messy and can be explosive. What she lacks in physical skill she makes up for in raw energy.
Fun Facts:
-Suzanne's pigtails show her emotions.
-Suzi especially likes cupcakes and Sloppy-Joes.
-For liking such messy things, she keeps surprisingly clean.
Photobucket Name: Jessica
Birthday: December 15
Bio: Jessica was born into a high-standing family. She came to Apollo for much the same reason as Skyler, because it is one of the best schools that money could buy. Jessica doesn't particularly care either way where she goes to school, but her parents want to keep up good appearances, so Jessica chose Apollo school. She is a realist, seeing things as they are and nothing more. Her calm demeanor and cold stare scares most people off, and not many people know a lot about her. The cold mask that she wears is hardly ever broken. Smiles are rare, anger is even rarer. Her manner of speech is short and concise, but always proper. She doesn't like or dislike any subject in particularly, but seems to have an affinity for math. Jessica is very physically active, and secretly studies martial arts.
Fun Facts:
-Even though they're best friends, Jessica is basically the polar opposite of Suzi.
-Jessica rarely eats sweets. Her diet is very health-oriented.